Information for Undergraduate Students

NOTE: the SAND Lab is NOT currently seeking any applications at this time. Please reach out to us closer to Fall 2021 in case we have any availabilities then. 

Information about volunteer research assistant positions in the SAND Lab:

The SAND Lab seeks undergraduate students who are interested in serving as a research assistant for experience OR course credit. This is currently a REMOTE position – research assistants will support research activities by testing study participants over Zoom. However, there is a possibility that research assistants will be asked to support in-person research when it is safe to do so in the Fall or Winter quarter of the 2021-2022 academic year.

Research in the SAND Lab is focused on brain and behavior development related to caregiving, stress and emotion in children and teens. This is an excellent fit for individuals with an interest in psychology, neuroscience, pediatrics, data analytics, or a career involving children. The current study we are most focused on involves working with individuals 9-24 years of age who experienced different forms of caregiving as infants.

Research assistants may expect to interact with research participants, collect and analyze data, and with a long-term commitment, may learn more advanced neuroimaging and statistical analysis techniques. We are most interested in research assistants who can start in summer and stay on through the 2021-2022 academic year for 10 hours a week (including some weekends). Our training process is intensive and thus we request that research assistants only apply if they plan on staying in the lab for 3 or more quarters.