Welcome to the Social Affective Neuroscience and Development (SAND) Lab at the University of California, Los Angeles! 

We use tools from psychology and neuroscience to understand and improve emotional and physical health in children, adolescents and young adults. Our research pays close attention to how social ties – particularly with parents and friends – shape emotional behavior across development. The scientists in our group are particularly interested in how neurobiology underlying emotion regulation, learning and decision making changes across development, and how early adversity shapes this neurobiology.

The SAND Lab is led by Dr. Jennifer Silvers, the Wendell Jeffrey and Bernice Wenzel Term Chair in Developmental Neuroscience, at UCLA, and is fueled by a diverse, enthusiastic, and hardworking team of trainees. As a group, we value:

-Conducting meaningful, rigorous and ethical science. This means readily sharing our findings with the public through outreach, and being transparent and collaborative with other scientists.

-Providing our participants and their families with an experience that is respectful, safe and rewarding.

-Doing our part to dismantle discrimination and inequity in society and in science, through our research and policy outreach. We welcome and value the rich diversity of experiences and identities that our lab members and study participants bring to our shared space and encourage you to join us!



SAND Lab information:


A191 Franz Hall
502 Portola Plaza
University of California – Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90095


* (310) 794-4953


* For general inquiries, contact us at sandlab.ucla@gmail.com